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Minolta MD Rokkor 45mm 1:2 - Fungus pictures

This lens was the first lens purchased with my XG-1 camera. Unfortunately it has some fungus in both front and rear element groups.

Here are some pictures of the lens and fungus. I could do nothing to save it. This lens is going to E-bay as parts. Click on the pictures to enlarge:


1) Fungus in rear element group. This is accesible without taking the optics out.
2) Fungus in front element group.
3) Close up picture of fungus. There are two spots.
4) Bayonet side picture for reference purposes.
5) Picture for reference purposes.
6) Close up of bayonet monting.
8) Extracting the bayonet mount.
9) View of the aperture mechanism. Compare the simplicity of MD lenses to older MC lenses. Click here for an MC 58mm.
10) Rear element group built in a solid plastic package.
11) Rear element group.
12) Lens without the rear element group.
13) Front of lens after number ring is removed. Three screws hold the filter ring, other three hold the front element group.
14) Aperture mechanism.
15) Close up of aperture mechanism.
16) Front element group. Fungus lies on the inner coating of the last element.
17) This is built into a solid package. Nothing else to do.


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