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Restoring a Minolta SRT-101

I purchased this camera from eBay, with an oily MC Rokkor 58mm 1:1.4. The camera was is good condition, but I found it had the following problems:

  • The camera had dust and sand all over it and inside.
  • Needed calibration. It had stretched strings and the shutter speed meter failed to align with viewfinder mark at f/8 and 1/60s.
  • Seals were long gone.
  • Although not visible until I took it appart, there glue that joins the CdS cells to the viewfinder pentaprism was completely yellow.
  • Needed some lubrication.
  • Leather can be replaced.
  • Need to recalibrate light meter circuit for new silver oxide batteries.

I checked the shutter speed and seemed fine at 1/60s (tested with an oscilloscope). The rest of the camera was in very good condition. Viewfinder was clean and focusing smooth. I'll perform further checks while taking appart.

  Camera disassembly pictures
  Cleaning, lubricating and adjusting the camera
  Replacing the light seals / mirror damper / miscellaneous foams and seals
  Modifying the light meter circuit
  Camera Reassembly


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